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Technical SEO

The technical side of a website is an often forgotten part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Since the code for both you and the visitor is hidden under the surface, this is understandable. However, experience has taught us that it is a crucial part of the optimization of your website. A website built the wrong way can counteract all the hard work you have put into content- and link optimisation (see website-content and link building). In the worst-case scenario it can also damage your findability. That is why Expand Online has SEO courses with profound technological SEO-analysis.

The analysis

In this analysis we look at the technical aspects of your website which can get in the way of your findability. For example:

  • Duplicate content: Are there pages double on your website?
  • Indexation: Does Google find all possible pages, and are all the pages that should not be in Google’s index correctly blocked?
  • Speed: Is your website so slow that customer experience and Google’s judgement about your website is negatively influenced?

From this technical analysis there is a concrete to-do-list for you and (in all probability) your web designer. Naturally we will guide the implementation of all the technical optimization that we introduce, in order to get down to business as fast as possible with the optimization of the content on and the left hand side of your website.

More information

Any questions? Or do you want to know more about it? Ask Lucas, he can tell you all about it.