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Expand Online offers multiple SEO reports. A clear distinction is made between information that is directed to the manager and information directed to the online marketer. The Expand Online SEO quarterly report provides the manager with a quick overview of the achieved results. The SEO rankings dashboard offers online marketers a real-time insight into the rankings.

Insight into performance

Expand Online offers its customers continuous monitoring of the most important keywords. Our in-house developed SEO quarterly report monitors results based on your rankings, increase of visitors, quality and conversion of the delivered traffic. The SEO quarterly report is based on information from the SEO ranking dashboard and Google Analytics and reports the most important KPI’s at management level:

  • Current and historical ranking of keywords
  • Increase in visitors
  • Quality and conversion of the delivered traffic

Closely monitor your rankings

Through the SEO Dashboard you gain real-time insight into your Google rankings. Not only optimization results are visible, but it is also possible to quickly identify any problems. The SEO consultants at Expand Online also use the dashboard to monitor your rankings. In case a ranking suddenly drops, they can respond quickly.

Common problems include:

  • A modified URL without a redirect
  • Another page than the targeted landing page is ranking higher
  • Want to learn more about our SEO reporting possibilities? Request a free demonstration without further obligation.

More information

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