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SEO Content

Would you like to be found for relevant keywords? Then it is important that the text on your website matches those keywords. But how do you know which keywords are relevant for your website? And how do you write texts that match those keywords? Don’t spend time on keywords that won’t get you on the first page or that people won’t search for. Let Expand Online help you.

Which search queries are used by your target audience?

We are happy to look for the keywords that your target audience uses in Google. We will help you develop new opportunities which you have not thought of yourself. Because of our experience in the field of eCommerce, eWerving, eTrafficrealestate, B2B leads and education, we often know where to look for opportunities. With our experience, your knowledge of your field, and even keyword data from your AdWords-campaign, we can create a practical list of keywords relevant for your website. Then we can fit these keywords into your website through use of information architecture.

Information architecture

You won’t succeed with only keywords. We try and fit the best chance keywords into your website. This can happen on existing pages. We can also advise you to ad pages for untapped subjects.

Writing search engine friendly pages

Where some people only give you advice and then leave, we will go on guiding you through the process. We will help you optimize your pages for keywords selected by us. We can do this either by giving you advice so you can do it yourself, or we can do it for you, subject to consultation. Would you yourself like to know more about how to write search engine friendly pages? Then you’re more than welcome to join one of our SEO-trainings.

Ongoing improvements

Your target audience won’t stay still, and neither do you of course. So we keep on helping you to look for new opportunities so that you never fall behind.

More information

Any questions? Or do you want to know more about it? Ask Lucas, he can tell you all about it.