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AngularJS SEO

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework developed by Google. This framework is used to build modern, fast and interactive web applications. AngularJS makes it, among other things, possible to load information without refreshing a page. This leads to a flawless user experience.

Technical SEO

Although AngularJS can improve the user experience of websites, the use of the framework results in challenges when it comes to indexation in search engines like Google. Search engines have always had difficulties to understand pages with a lot of JavaScript. Moreover, the dynamic loading of content makes it even more difficult for search engines to estimate which text is showed on page and which text is not.
TamTam & Expand Online can help you to optimize your website when it comes to user experience and SEO with techniques like AngularJS. Expand Online is a specialist in the field of SEO optimization of websites that make use of client side rendering frameworks like AngularJS and React.

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