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Marketing automation strategy

The starting point for your Marketing Automation strategy is to explore your current customer profiles, all customer journeys and to map out desired customer journeys. During the strategy phase we help you to understand how you can achieve the desired state of your customer journeys by providing you with a clear step by step roadmap as output.

To begin with creating user personas is the foundation for the strategy phase. Creating user personas is done combining data sources and behavioural insights. From there we work with you to map your existing customer journeys with the aim to identify what can be done to enhance these at every stage with the end to end result in mind.

Creating user personas has another benefit that it can be the starting point to build up  your single customer view. A single customer view will help you to enrich your customer profiles on a continuous basis. All with the aim of continuous improvement of your campaigns.

The strategy phase concludes with a roadmap offering you a step by step approach to deliver. Our specialist can help you to implement this as well and build up your first improved customer journeys.

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