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Today customers expect brands to engage in a personal way. With a focus on their needs at the time when customers engage. Marketing becomes more contextual, relevant and real time. The objective is to create meaningful customer journeys that are focused on making it as easy as possible for your customers to get what they require. And in return you will get to know more about them at every stage. Marketing Automation can enable your brand to achieve this.

But it can be a challenge to get started. There are so many tools available and they all seem similar. Also, business processes and people need to be aligned across departments. Or perhaps you already invested in a marketing automation tool, but are not getting most out of this as yet?

Expand Online believes Marketing Automation works best when you mix data, creative and strategy to understand your audiences and when and how you can best talk to them. Our expertise brings all of these elements together in a structured approach helping you to see the bigger picture but also breaking it down into feasible steps to deliver results.

The end result? We will help you on your way, either by creating a pragmatic marketing automation strategy, user personas, a pragmatic implementation plan or data driven end to end customer journeys. We can work with you if you are considering Marketing Automation or are ready to get more out of your existing platform. Your benefit?  Transform your customer engagement to a more meaningful, highly personalised experience driven by data insights.

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Floris Oranje, Managing director UK
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