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Marketing Automation

Recruit, develop and retain better customers more quickly. This is what Marketing Automation promises. It unifies client and content. For a new purchase, but also in the retention and loyalty phases. It is an effective method for generating leads and sales for both B2C and B2B. It gives you, the marketer, the option to offer personalised content at the right moment. Using connections via different channels (social, display, email, etc), you can create more effective campaigns, with a central dashboard so that you can work towards the best ROI.


  • Lead generation
  • Better lead qualification (B2B)
  • Activation of inactive clients
  • Higher client engagement
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • More efficient marketing

What can we do for you?

Expand Online helps make your sales and marketing processes successful. We start by drawing up competitive targets and setting out a strategy. We then help with the selection (and configuration) of systems and the structure of campaigns (including content). All steps in the customer journey are included: being found (search engine marketing), lead capturing, lead nurturing, conversion and loyalty.

On the basis of our technical background, we can also help you integrate the marketing automation tool within your CRM or eCommerce platform.

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