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Everyone's talking about it: big data. It is a term that describes data sets that are so large or complex that regular analyses no longer suffice. Expand Online is an expert in the field of data analysis and visualisation.

What does this entail?

Making large volumes of numbers analysable, so these numbers become comprehensible to the different people in the various job levels with different specialisms. Clarity is key in this regard, but it’s not everything. Distilling the relevant highlights, recommendations and specific action points, based on the data, are important points.

What is Klipfolio?

Klipfolio is an online dashboard that enables one to create highly comprehensible real-time dashboards in a way that’s really fast and simple. The results of established goals can, therefore, be compared in no time. Various data sources are linked in Klipfolio to achieve this. A range of statistics can be visualised from this, by way of graphs, tables or texts.

All relevant numbers in one dashboard

When creating a dashboard, we determine the main statistics, together, but also how these statistics can best be portrayed. Numbers that serve as the basis for daily decisions and deeper insights can be combined, in a smart way, for effective use in the organisation.

Where the statistics come from doesn’t really matter. All available numbers can be incorporated in the dashboard in different ways. Combining different data sources, in particular, often leads to interesting insights. For example, this could involve online data sources and internal systems, but offline data can also be incorporated in the dashboard.

Expand Online chose Klipfolio as its preferred tool after having conducted extensive research. We also work with other dashboarding tools upon request.

Why Klipfolio?

The possibilities are endless. In Klipfolio, you can build every type of dashboard, which tackles the unique and specific challenges for each company.

  • Klipfolio is 100% in the Cloud
  • A powerful method of data visualisation which is comprehensible for all stakeholders
  • Mathematical functions
  • Easier way of sharing
  • Any data source can be linked to Klipfolio:
    • Data from the computer
    • Data from databases
    • Data from online data sources*
    • Data sources can be combined, but can also be compared

*A few examples of online data sources are Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Gmail Ads, YouTube Ads, Pingdom and many more.

Have insight into your most important statistics, anywhere, at any time?

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