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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that enables you to add tags to (parts of) your website. These tags can be any tag that adds measurement or functionality to your website.

What can Google Tag Manager be used for?

Without having to bother your web developer or IT department, you can do the following via Google Tag Manager:

  • migrate to Universal Analytics;
  • add conversion trackers;
  • add event tracking to all outgoing and download links;
  • and a lot more.

What can we do for you?

Working with Google Tag Manager means that your IT department or developer no longer have the responsibility for placing tracking codes. Sure, you can add these yourself, but since our consultants depend on valid and reliable measurement of your website, we would like to take this responsibility. This also means that optimizing an existing Analytics implementation, e.g. upgrading to Universal Analytics, will in most cases entail switching to Google Tag Manager as well.

Do you need advice on how to setup your Google Tag Manager? Let our consultant inform you without further obligation.

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