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Google Analytics

As official Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), Expand Online is a specialist in the field of Google Analytics and is equipped to deal with all your Google Analytics issues. This can vary from basic implementations on the website to complex integrations with external online or even offline systems. In general, the more complex or difficult, the more interesting.

Basic implementation Google Analytics

When doing a basic implementation of Google Analytics on the website, we distinguish the following components:

  • Creating and setting up Google Analytics, including the delivery of the code and implementation guidance.
    • If Google Analytics is already being used, this can also be an audit and review of an existing Google Analytics environment.
    • We also help with a migration to the most recent version of Google Analytics (for example Universal Analytics).
  • Setting conversion goals, based on URL or events for example.
  • Implementing eCommerce module if relevant.
  • Event tracking for measuring PDF-downloads, video display and clicks on external links for example.
  • Support and advice on tagging (utm-tags) of used marketing channels, for example e-mail newsletters or banner campaigns.
  • Implementation of Google Tag Manager
  • Extensive testing and verification of the implementation.
  • Workshops to more effectively use Google Analytics.

Advanced web analytics

With advanced web analytics we expand into your specific situation and / or take away technical barriers. We look at:

  • Technical challenges, for example:
    • Cross-domain and iframe tracking
    • Websites and/or elements in Flash and AJAX
    • Event tracking (PDFs, videos)
    • Advice and design of custom dimensions and metrics.
    • Cross-device measurements (“follow” users from mobile to desktop)
  • Additional configurations
    • Goals and (complex) funnels
    • Application of filters
    • Setting up data import
    • Advice and implementation of conversion attribute models
  • Advanced advertising opportunity’s
    • Implementation of (enhanced) eCommerce module
    • Tag-management and tagging-plan
    • Data layers
    • Feed-management

Cross-platform analytics

With cross-platform analytics, data from external/backend systems becomes integrated in the Google Analytics environment with help from Universal Analytics measurement protocol. Examples of applications are:

  • CRM, for example you can judge B2B party deployed media on qualitative leads instead of number of leads, or you can for example segment existing customers into your target audience or product group.
  • eCommerce platform, for example integrate the margin per product(group) into Google Analytics to create accurate ROI analysis based on actual margin per product instead of revenue.
  • ATS, as employer or recruitment organisation, judge deployed resources on qualitative candidates (for example 1st meeting or hire) instead of number of candidates.

Reporting and dash boarding

After implementation of Google Analytics and possible extra applications, it is important to make sure that everything is clear. This can be done by reporting and dash boarding in which case Expand Online can do the following:

  • Take inventory of desires and converting issues into solutions
  • Design reporting, dashboards and data visualization
    • With use op dashboards in Google Analytics
    • Use of dashboard tools like Analytics Canvas, Tableau, Geckoboard and Klipfolio
    • Combination of several data sources into one dashboard, for example Google Analytics, Google AdWords and DoubleClick
  • (periodic) consultancy, analyses and reports

Knowledge sharing, training and workshops

We will gladly share our knowledge of Google Analytics. For this we offer the following possibilities:

  • Taking part in our workshops
  • On-site training, in a group or one on one
  • A “voucher” for advice on demand
  • Helping you think of a complete custom solution.

More information

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