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Marketing automation, machine learning, data-driven attribution models, voice search… For some people, these are simply incomprehensible terms used in marketing journals. But it’s what we do with every day. To use another trendy term, we are ‘data crunchers’. We translate vast amounts of data into useful insights. If you are looking for help to achieve your marketing objectives, we can help. We will extract the key insights and help develop a strategy to make you more findable and drive your results through the roof.

Useful insights

We use web analytics to help you understand the behaviour of your (potential) clients and customers. We find out how visitors arrive at your website and how they use it. Then we use these insights to help you optimise and personalise marketing campaigns. For example, you might want to direct your marketing at target groups that are likely to convert, or present visitors with a personalised landing page.

Well-informed business decisions

Data is only relevant if you understand what it means. Then you can use the information to make well-informed business decisions. To simplify things, we use tools such as Klipfolio and Google Data Studio to create user-friendly dashboards that make it easy to view and monitor all data. A project we completed for University of Applied Sciences Leiden is a good example. We designed a simple Klipfolio dashboard that displays all of their data.

Optimising your platform

What if your website is attracting enough visitors but you’re not seeing enough sales? We can run web analytics to find out how visitors arrive at your website, how they use your website and why they leave. We can also apply conversion rate optimisation (CRO) methods to identify possible obstacles to conversion. Then, together with our sister agency TamTam, we can enhance user experience. Whether or not a visitor becomes a customer depends on the tiniest details. We improve all of them, so your online marketing campaign yields better results.

Easy to find in Google

Rather than typing in your web address, many of your target group search for you in Google. So it’s important to ensure that you are easy to find in Google and that the page on which a visitor lands matches their search and meets their needs. Technical optimisation, link building and content optimisation will ensure that your website appears higher up in Google. Dutch lingerie designer marlies dekkers was keen to accelerate organic growth. With comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) marlies dekkers is now one of 25 most important key words in Google.

Meet your marketing targets and save time

Okay. The data that a visitor is interested, but hasn’t become a customer. What next? Simple! Marketing automation makes it a lot easier to find and retain customers. By automating your marketing, you can present personalised content at precisely the right moment. That way you reel in prospects and steer them towards conversion. It also keeps your existing customers loyal to your company or brand. If you want to optimise your platform and present outstanding content, we can help!

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Steven Koopmans, Online marketing advisor
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