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To reach young people and get them to engage with your brand, advertising on Snapchat is a must. Many young people between the ages of 13 and 24 love sharing temporary content through the platform. So this image messaging platform is the ideal way to approach your target group and get them to interact with your brand.

The figures

1.9 million Dutch people use the app: 50% of them share photos and videos daily. Snapchat users open the app 18 times a day and spend 25 minutes a day on it. 35% of users are not on Facebook. 46% of users are not on Instagram.

Smart advertising

Snapchat employs self-learning technology to monitor which users do something with the ads they see. As an advertiser you can choose to focus on increasing reach or engagement.

Maximum engagement

Snap Ads are short video ads that appear among user content. They always play in portrait so users don’t have to rotate their phones. Not only that, the average Snapchat user always has the sound on, so none of the content is lost. The result? 100% visibility!

Snap Ads for your brand

We will be happy to help you advertise on Snapchat. But not without first checking which channel is most likely to reach your target group! If it turns out to be Snapchat, we will present you with a mix of advertising options.

Snapchat advertising tools

  • Snap Ads >
    Snap Ads are 10 second videos that appear among Snapchat user content. In other words, they appear among stories shared by friends on the Discover page or between live videos. By allowing users to swipe through the ad, you can offer them relevant content, such as an article, a longer video, a website link or an app download. Snap Ads can be swiped off the screen, so it’s important to ensure that the first few seconds of content capture the user’s attention.

  • Sponsored Geofilters >
    Geofilters are creative overlays that communicate where a person is or what they are doing in a Snap. For example, users can select filters linked to their current location. You can develop a filter that features your brand and allow Snapchat users to create and share branded content linked to their location.
  • Sponsored Lenses >
    Sponsored Lenses are interactive filters that allow Snapchat users to enrich a photo or video with your brand. Allowing users to create and share content with your branded lens creates high levels of engagement among your target group.

More information

Curious and want to know more? Ask Marc! He is always excited to help.