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LinkedIn is one of the largest online professional networking sites around the world. LinkedIn has more than 347 million users around the world, and the Dutch portion is one of the most active in Europe. This portion accounts for more than 5 million members in the Netherlands. LinkedIn largely focuses on the professional target group, in most cases, the group with higher education, which can be reached in a targeted fashion via LinkedIn Ads.

Why opt for Expand Online for your LinkedIn campaign?

Expand Online has considerable advertising experience on LinkedIn. We work directly with the experts at LinkedIn. We ensure profitable campaigns by way of direct targeting, optimisation, and measurability. We don’t just measure the campaign statistics, but also the effect thereof on your website.

How can I advertise on LinkedIn?

Expand Online uses the LinkedIn Ads advertising program. This allows advertisers to direct messages to specific target groups, based on a range of criteria. Criteria like job title, seniority, skills, groups followed, employer, branch of activity and location. Payment occurs at cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) or cost per click (CPC).


You reach a specific target group via LinkedIn. The price per click is generally higher than one is used to for other channels, but so is the relevance. Moreover, all statistics are comprehensible and one has the ability to measure, test and adjust extensively.

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