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A picture is worth a thousand words. The 3 million Instagram users in the Netherlands have certainly come to this conclusion. They share photos, videos and GIFs with each other and with the world. The ideal platform for labels to charge their brands: you have direct and intimate contact and easily reach your target group

The figures

25% of all people in the Netherlands, older than 18, use Instagram. Particularly the younger target group, between the age of 14 and 35, uses the network extensively. Older target groups don’t lag far behind: we observe the most significant increase in use amongst Generation X (36 to 55 years).

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent channel for branding: you can certainly charge your brand well with attractive, visual content. Engagement with your brand also increases if you drop the right posts. Fans can interact with your post, share it or proceed directly to a landing page or website via a button below the post. There are ample possibilities for fine-tuned steering. You’ll easily reach a specific target group by focusing on location, age, gender or interest.

What could this entail?

We do some research before getting started: is your target group even on Instagram? If we manage to find them there, we launch the campaign. You can submit your own creatives for this, or you can leave it up to us. We will then enlist the services of our sister agency, a friend of mine. We will keep a constant eye on how your Instagram campaign is faring.

Advertising formats

  • Photo ads: Show the strongest sides to your brand with the most captivating product photos and lifestyle content.
  • Video ad: Display moving images with sound and interaction for extra brand involvement. You can share videos that are up to 60 seconds long.
  • Carousel ads: Share 3 to 5 photos with a post. Reward your fans and let them discover the story behind your brand for themselves.
  • Stories ads: Tell your daily brand story with a full-screen image or video. Ideal, for example, if you want to put a product feature in the spotlight.

More information

Curious and want to know more? Contact Steven! He can tell you everything about it!

Steven Koopmans, Online marketing advisor
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