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Market places

Online marketplaces like Amazon, & Zalando can best be compared to large stores like De Bijenkorf. These webshops are filled, for the most part, with products from other sellers, whilst the consumer's experience is determined almost entirely by the webshop, service and guarantees of the platform itself.

High level of user comfort

These platforms offer a high level of user comfort, which is probably why sales via these types of platforms continue to grow in the Netherlands. This trend has evolved much further outside of the Netherlands. For example, Amazon in the United States has a market share of 25% and a market share of at least 9% in each European country where it operates.

This has caused a major shift for many webshop owners. While it was important, in the past, to set up a proper in-house webshop and logistics, those aspects are becoming less and less important. Nowadays, a small competitor only needs an inventory to rapidly gain market share via these types of platforms.


  • Utilisation of online traffic on the platform;
  • Relatively low investment costs to be able to sell internationally;
  • Piggybacking on the platform’s level of service;
    • The ability to outsource logistics and customer service. This way, everyone can easily offer the ‘delivery tomorrow’ guarantee and ship inexpensively throughout Europe.
  • Only pay for actual sales;
  • Dutch webshops can use Amazon to acquire market share abroad. The other way around is not possible yet.

How does it work?

The process of selling via these platforms does not stop with the registration and keeping your selection up-to-date. Thinking about your international strategy, feed optimisation, pricing, the collection of client information and the possibilities related to marketing campaigns, in particular, can help you achieve the best results through the platform.

The product feed is crucial to the platform campaign’s success. This is a file with information on all your products (including availability). We help to create a link between your CMS/existing shopping feed and the desired platform. You are then automatically registered as the seller of these products. The likelihood of your products selling depends strongly on the words that are used in the title and product description.

It is also important for products to be easy to find. The process of continuously improving findability is ongoing, aiming to increase the sale of your products. We can help you to improve organic findability, to improve the conversion rate for products, and finally, to advertise to improve visibility. The cost per click is generally lower than for Google AdWords.

Do you want to get down to business with a marketplace right away, or would you like more information first? Feel free to contact us!

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