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Google Shopping

Google Shopping can best be compared to or It is a search engine for various types of consumer products. In the Netherlands, we know Google Shopping mainly from the product images which appear in product-related searches on For the Google AdWords campaigns which Expand Online manages for various webshops, we see that Google Shopping plays an increasingly important role in generating sales and turnover. This can be attributed to a few advantages that the product images offer over text advertisements on

Advantages of Google Shopping

  •      The product images make Shopping advertisements more striking than ordinary text advertisements. Therefore, we see people click on these images more frequently and click on text advertisements to a lesser extent.
  •      With a text advertisement, the consumer does not yet know what the product looks like and only finds out after clicking on the advertisement. With a Google Shopping advertisement, the product is visible immediately, which results in a better conversion opportunity. Moreover, the product is more likely to meet the consumer’s expectations.
  •      Another advantage of Google Shopping is that not just one advertisement is visible at a time, per advertiser, but sometimes up to eight adverts/products simultaneously. This means the consumer is more likely to find what he/she is looking for in your webshop.

Product feed

The product feed is crucial to the Google Shopping campaign’s success. This is a file containing all your products and the accompanying attributes. Your products’ findability on Google Shopping depends significantly on the product information included in the product feed. After all, Google links this information to the searches on When Google finds a match, the advertisements are displayed.

Expand Online has developed a few tools, in-house, to improve the match between search & product, and these tools increase the likelihood of a match with the Google searches. For example, the eCommerce product feed optimizer ensures that product information is enriched and meets the requirements that Google imposes on the product feed.

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