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Bing Ads

BingĀ is the long-expected successor of Microsoft Live Search and MSN Search. In the Netherlands the search engine has a modest market share with the result that many advertisers ignore Bing. Because of this the costs per click on Bing are significantly lower than on Google (AdWords). This offers opportunities!

What can we do for you?

Expand Online offers the opportunity to cost effectively advertise on Bing, optionally in combination with a Google AdWords campaign. Our online marketing experts will make it possible for your advertisements and job vacancies to be shown to your target audience on Bing in a simple and effective way. The next steps are taken to create a Bing campaign:

1. Advertisement tekst

In consultation with you, Expand Online will write a catchy advertisement text for your product, service, or job vacancy.

2. Target Audience

Expand Online focuses the advertisement on your target audience on Bing, for example the Randstad, the whole of the Netherlands or the Benelux.

3. Impressions and Clicks

Our advertisement will be shown for relevant keywords, based on which relevant visitors will click through to your website.

4. Results

At the end of the period, Expand Online will send you a clear report explaining the return of your campaign.

More information

Curious and hungry for more information? Ask Steven! He can tell you anything you want to know.

Steven Koopmans, Online marketing advisor
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