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Youtube Advertising

YouTube campaigns are suitable for multiple online marketing objectives. You can create more brand awareness, introduce new products or generate more traffic to your website. YouTube is also very useful as support channel for your offline advertising campaigns.

Only pay when your audience is watching

YouTube has an immense reach. Besides text advertisements, it is also possible to advertise with video and banner formats. You can select one targeting option or combine multiple options in order to reach your desired target audience:

  • Demographics (age, gender , location, language)
  • Behavioral targeting (interest-category and remarketing)
  • Contextual targeting based on keywords
  • Self-selected placements or channels

Advertising opportunities

  • In-Display: Promote a  video next to YouTube videos, in YouTube search results  or on  websites in the Google Display Network. The advertiser only pays for the ad when a viewer chooses to watch the video.
  • In-Stream: In-Stream videos can be displayed in YouTube videos and on pages in the Google Display Network. The viewer has the possibility to skip the ad after five seconds.

What can we do for you?

Expand Online has a lot of experience with advertising campagins on YouTube. This means that Expand Online targets the right videos, experiments with different videos and measures the results. Running YouTube campaigns via Expand Online offers many advantages because of our direct contact with Google.
Do you want to know how you can utilize YouTube effectively in support of your online marketing strategy? Request an Online Marketing Scan without further obligation.

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