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Trading desk

The Expand Online trading desk is an important media buying and technology partner for its customers. The right target groups are reached using personalised targeting. Maximum returns are obtained through efficient media purchasing, data-driven creatives and transparency in the entire process.

At the trading desk our team of digital media specialists fully focus on consultation, set-up, management and optimisation of your media channels. This includes premium display, RTB, digital TV, digital radio, digital out of home, social, search engine advertising and affiliates. Transparency is a priority in this regard. Advertisers get real-time insight into the campaigns and into the budget spent versus results.

Our trading desk contains the most important networks and publishers with which diverse target groups can be reached with the right message. Topicality and quality remain at a consistently high level as a result of updating changes on a weekly basis and continuously monitoring important KPIs.

Data analysis and attribution

To measure is to know That’s why we continuously perform data analyses of the attribution of the upper funnel media purchasing on conversions. We also monitor the effect of offline media on your online channels. What’s more, we segment target groups and work with personalized advertisements.

Media purchasing insourcing

For advertisers who want to insource their media purchasing, we offer the ‘Trading Desk as you Go’ principle. This in-house trading desk ensures that advertisers keep maximum control of their media purchasing.


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