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Spotify is a digital music service that provides instant access to millions of tracks. Users can listen to the songs they love wherever and whenever they want on their own personal radio station. Music streaming with Spotify is free. In exchange, Spotify runs ads with audio and visual elements.

The figures

One in 5 Dutch people use Spotify. The average listener uses the streaming service for almost 2.5 hours a day. (source) Most users are young people up to the age of 35.

Advertising on Spotify

Spotify is essentially a people-based marketing platform: you tailor your advertising to the person listening. By showing sequential short ads that match user profiles (sequential targeting), you target listeners with a series of messages that attract them to your brand. Spotify advertising tools offer all kinds of possibilities

Advertising your brand on Spotify

We will be happy to help you advertise on Spotify. But not without first checking which channel is most likely to reach your target group! If it turns out to be Spotify, we will present you with a mix of advertising options.

Spotify advertising tools

  • Sponsored sessions >
    Users with a free Spotify account who watch a brand video ad can listen to 30 minutes of advertising-free music. This is a great way to boost brand affinity.
  • Video takeover >
    Present rich video content that only plays when the app is open. Attention guaranteed!
  • Audio >
    Send a message to your target group between tracks. Takeover the cover art panel and generate traffic to your website.
  • Homepage takeover >
    Place a banner on Spotify Home which supports rich interactive content.
  • Overlay >
    When users reopen the app, they see an ad that fills the screen.
  • Leaderboard >
    For 30 seconds your clickable banner is the only thing displayed on the screen.
  • Branded playlist >
    Use music to attract your target group to your brand by creating your own playlist. Also for Spotify Premium-accounts.
  • Advertiser page >
    Seamlessly incorporate your content-rich campaign in the Spotify app with videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links and comments.
  • Branded moments >
    Show ads that tie in with what your target group is doing at that moment. Chill, Dinner, Focus, Party, Sleep or Workout.
  • Sponsored playlist >
    Advertise in playlists that are popular among your target group so your brand attracts many loyal fans.

More information

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