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Real time bidding

Showing the right banner to the right user at the right time: Real time bidding (RTB) is the trend in the field of Display Advertising. Through RTB advertisers can bid on impressions on premium websites real time. This way, the return on your online campaign can be increased.

Reach your target audience in a cost efficient manner

Real time bidding is possible through various platforms. One of the best known is DoubleClick (a subsidiary of Google), which allows you access to all major exchanges. This allows you to show banners on premium positions on appealing websites, such as, Sonoma sites and the RTL network. RTB offers outstanding opportunities to tap into new target audiences (prospecting) and to reach your current visitors again (retargeting):

  • Premium visibility and a large reach;
  • Less waste. You bid only on visitors who satisfy all the criteria;
  • Real time offers based on visit relevance rather than pre-agreed rates;
  • Extensive targeting possibilities based on recent activity, appliances, context and target audiences (1st and 3rd party data);
  • RTB campaigns can be coupled to the complete DoubleClick Marketing Stack for in-depth insights into conversion attribution.

What can we do for you?

With its RTB services, Expand Online ensures that your banners are shown to the right target audience:

  • Floodlight Tag configuration: placing the necessary measuring pixels for building up retargeting target audiences and measuring conversions;
  • (Dynamic) banner development;
  • Planning and optimization of RTB campaigns;
  • End-to-end conversion attribution and reporting;

Curious about what RTB can offer you? Please have one of our consultants inform you.

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