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Digital out of home

Entice your target group, which has just been soaked during a rainstorm on a dreary December evening, with an advertisement for a summer holiday. With digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, you reach people with attractive, focused content, out of home. By making smart use of data, you can tailor the message to the location, target group, time of day, season or weather conditions.


DOOH advertising is displayed on screens. These advertisements are visible next to the road, on public transport, on displays in restaurants and even in washrooms. You have considerable freedom in terms of content: stationary images, photo series and videos.



Interactive content

Get your public extra involved with the brand through interactive content. Lure passers by to connect their phones to the advertisement via a Bluetooth Beacon and reward them with a discount coupon for your product. Or, use an NFC tag to make it easy for your target group to discover the app. One touch from their phone on the ad and the app will automatically install.


By making smart use of data, we can target advertisements with extreme care. We create the ads as such that the right target group gets to see the right message, at the right time. It is even possible to display and tweak content based on the public’s streams of movement.

DOOH by Expand Online

We can support you from start to finish with a DOOH campaign. We help you to find and target your target group. We work with our sister agencies to create content. We purchase media and take care of the analysis and optimisation aspects. Want to find out how we can charge your brand with Digital Out of Home advertising? Feel free to contact us.

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