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Display & programmatic advertising

The media landscape is continuously changing. Be it by mobile phone, tablet, game console, desktop PC or smart TV: all the traditional media channels are constantly shifting to a more online environment. This means that there are also more and more opportunities for reaching consumers. Many touchpoints have been added to the customer journey. We use programmatic and display advertising for optimal visibility within your target group.

Our expertise ranges from the Google display network, DoubleClick, retargeting, Youtube and Spotify, to the development of advertisement expressions in various formats. We have a team of display experts that works closely together with our own trading desk every day. Check out an overview of our display and programmatic services on the right.

This manner of advertising falls under the heading of push-marketing and, in contrast to SEA, for example, is not dependent on search intention and volumes. Display and programmatic marketing can be used for both branding as well as performance objectives but is particularly interesting for increasing brand awareness and stimulating brand preference.

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