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Security suite

Websites are dynamic and change continuously. Different teams in a company continuously alter what’s offered and modify aspects such as text, titles and URLs. Every change that is made, no matter how small, can have an impact on the website’s (SEO) performance. We notice that the impact of such changes is often underestimated, which has led us to observe a decline in client’s organic rankings and missed revenue or leads. This is undesirable, of course, which is why we have developed the Security Suite.

Automatically checks a website’s performance

The Security Suite is a tool that automatically checks what changes are being made to a website. This may involve title or content changes, which means that they are no longer SEO-proof, therefore resulting in suboptimal findability. The Security Suite also checks to ensure that trackers were not removed from the website. Our consultant is informed immediately if the tool discovers that the website is performing less effectively and this is influencing your online marketing campaigns. Our consultant can then take action immediately and prevent online marketing campaigns from suffering as a result. If you want the Security Suite to check other aspects of your website as well, we can obviously build that functionality for you.

But that’s not all…

The Security Suite not only checks the performance of your website but also looks at noticeable trends in your website traffic. The consultants are also informed of this immediately, enabling them to discern the cause of the increase or decline in the number of visitors. The tool works on the basis of artificial intelligence, which means that it takes past trends into account. For example, if you never sell anything during the weekend or every second weekend of the month, the Security Suite will not report it as a noticeable trend.

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