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AdWords Scripts

Expand Online uses AdWords Scripts to optimize accounts and advertisements. Amongst other things AdWords scripts are used to make analyses and reports, and to process parameters like prices, times and weather information in advertisement displays. Below you will find some of the AdWords scripts that Expand Online uses for her customers.

Counting down in advertisements

With the countdown script it is possible to count down in your advertisement until an important moment or point of time. The script has already been used for several customers to announce a product launch, a courses stating date or open days and bank holidays like Valentine and Father’s day. For webshops the script is used to count down to the moment that an order can still be delivered the next day. Delivery time is an important USP for webshops and the increasing urgency in advertisement texts causes a higher conversion percentage.

Responding to the weather

By using AdWords scripts we can adjust campaigns to the actual weather conditions, domestic and abroad. For example, campaigns can be activated on the basis of temperature or rain. Besides the travel industry this is also used for climate sensitive products like umbrellas, winter tyres and sun lotion. It is also possible to incorporate the actual weather information into the advertisement. For instance you could think of the snowfall in the Alps as a promotion for winter holidays or displaying temperatures as promotion for last-minute sun holidays.

Search query conversion report

The Search Query Conversion Report is an overview of all the searches from the last period that have led to a conversion and that haven’t yet been included as keyword. The consultant receives this overview every week so that all the converted keywords are included in the campaign.

What can AdWords scripts offer you?

AdWords scripts are usually developed from a specific customer need. Would you like to know more about the smart use of scripts, contact one of our consultants via the contactform.

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