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AdBuilder (Bèta)

Nowadays a webshops assortment contains hundreds of products. Our experience is that the offer can fluctuate per day or even per week. Products get sold out, new products are added to the assortment and prices fluctuate. Because of this Expand Online has developed AdBuilder. With this tool we can quickly respond to these types of changes with your AdWords campaign. After all you don’t want to invest in products that you simply can’t sell at a certain moment, because for example they are not in stock.

Quickly unlock your full assortment through AdWords.

Expand Online’s AdBuilder uses the information in your product feed and builds Google AdWords campaign(s), advertisement groups, advertisements and keywords based on this information. The AdBuilder can make these advertisements for all the products in your webshop, but also for a selection of your assortment. For example products with a price higher than € 20,- or products with a high profit margin.

Increasing your ROI with an up-to-date campaign.

AdBuilder’s most important benefits in a row:

  • Advertise for all the products in your webshop assortment or a selected portion of the products;
  • Only advertise for the products in stock, this way you avoid unnecessary costs;
  • Advertise with unique advertisement variations per product to receive the highest possible quality score;
  • Communicate the most actual product information in your advertisement variations like price or stock.

Would you like to experience how much return you can realise with AdBuilder? For a non-committal demo, contact one of our consultants through the contact form on the right hand side.