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Digital media

You want to have online visibility so you can use it to achieve great results. That makes sense. However, your competitors want the same thing. In other words, you must choose the right channels, find the right target group, and set your campaigns up perfectly. We’ll help you with this, with our trading desk, a bunch of data analysts and our experience with machine learning.

Knowing what you want to achieve

We start out with the dot on the horizon and the road to the dot in the form of a media strategy, based on campaign objectives, research and analyses. To reach people, we must know who they are and where they are, which explains why we start with a comprehensive target group survey. We collect loads of data on their online behaviour and sketch the customer journey based on that information. We determine the online marketing mix with this in mind.


Irresistible statements

Okay, we know who we want to reach But how do we reach them? For that, we need excellent content. Irresistible statements that nobody can elude. We prefer to create personalised pieces for this, like dynamic landing pages, etc. We use big data so that a page will look different for each visitor, in so doing, enabling one-on-one communication. A good example is Vacanceselect, where the visitor’s search determines what the landing page will look like.

Being where the target group is

Once the statements are ready, it’s important to use them at the right time and via the appropriate channel. We know exactly what media space to purchase because the target group survey reveals where the target group can be found. Our trading desk purchases all types of media space, from RTB, SEA and social advertising to digital out of home and digital video. Some great examples are the work we do for Cognizant and TomTom.

We measure everything

In the end, we want to be able to say important things about what will and won’t work. We, therefore, use Google Analytics and Tag Manager, DoubleClick and dashboarding to measure everything. When we say everything, we really mean everything! We then fine-tune things to build an even more effective campaign. We provide insight into the results of our work, with comprehensive, logical reports and dashboards.


Transparency in our service is extremely important to us. How do we ensure this? We provide a complete overview of all media expenses and activities in the monthly reports. These reports reflect how every euro was spent. Moreover, we gladly let you in on the data that we work with daily. This is possible with a data management platform (DMP), for example, which is used to collect all data and provide insight into this data. We use attribution models to provide straightforward insight into all touch points along the customer journey and the performances thereof.

More information

Curious and want to know more? Ask Peter! He can tell you all about it.

Peter van Alphen, Head of Digital Media
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