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Expand Online launches a platform for dynamic banners together with Men in Green

Since the switch from flash to HTML banners, a jumble of platforms and tools has emerged in order to share previews of banners. These platforms are not only offered by publishers such as Google and Adform, but sometimes also in local initiatives such as AdPiler. All these platforms serve more or less the same purpose, to save time.

In the past, the scope of display campaigns was the primary factor in terms of production turnaround time. However, this appears to be changing now that dynamic banners are becoming increasingly popular. The simplicity with which dynamic content can be tested seems to be the culprit here. Dynamic banners cannot be simply supported by most preview platforms, resulting in a great deal of lost time after all.

A good example of this is DoubleClick Studio, in which tear sheets must be manually generated in order to test the various content from the feeds. The preview pages within DoubleClick Studio display all banners as a list, making it difficult to gain an effective overview. And should the preview not live up to expectations, the feed must first be updated, followed by the Studio profile. Due to a certain delay in this system, it takes an hour on average before you know whether the corrected input is acceptable.

In order to address this issue, Expand Online (part of Dept) is launching a new functionality within the preview platform, together with Men in Green , which will be known as Bravo. This platform was originally introduced by Men in Green in 2016 and has now been extended in collaboration with Expand Online. Within this platform, content can be directly changed while previewing the dynamic banners. This allows simple testing of extreme scenarios, such as long texts, without losing too much time.

“By introducing this new functionality, we can now test feed at a much earlier stage”, Jaap den Hertog explains. “We save a great deal of time now that we no longer need to prepare the banners in a platform such as DoubleClick Studio.”

Rituals, one of the trendsetting clients of Expand Online, is the first test case to make use of the new functionality. Expectations are that all future dynamic processes will make use of the new environment, resulting in enormous time gains within the development process.

Check out the preview tool here.