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Expand Online begins cooperation with data platform Tealium

Tealium, the market leader in the field of data and tag management, has selected digital marketing agency Expand Online (part of Dept) as its strategic partner for the Dutch market.

Data management is one of the biggest challenges for marketers. On average, they use about 20 systems, from e-mail marketing to banner advertising networks and content management systems. The trick is to develop all this data into a clear customer profile. This makes it possible for you to know who your target is and to perform targeted marketing actions. Tealium is a data management platform that integrates these systems and data, and then also processes them real-time.

Harm in Molder: “While retargeting is not new, a new aspect is that it enables you to organise campaigns in real time. Imagine that someone has just bought swimming trunks. In that case, that person does not want to be pursued for another 24 hours by banners of other swimming trunks. At that moment, you want to modify your campaign as well as your web shop, and e.g. display only matching shirts or slippers. In the right size and of the brand you always read about in the newsletter. And that are on clearance sale as it are the last models in stock. That is what Tealium can achieve as a platform.”

The data management platform will be made available by Expand Online (part of Dept) as from today. The specially trained consultants are able to assist customers with their data strategy, the implementation of the platform, and the organisation of smart campaigns. Harm in Molder: “The platform is primarily aimed at large companies that deal with complex systems, sometimes even across borders. They can make significant steps as soon as they are able to use their data effectively in campaigns and on personalised websites. With Tealium, we hope to be able to serve them even better.”