Display Advertising

As well as advertising in the Google search engine there are other opportunities to advertise in the Google network: the Google Display Network. The Google Display Network is a collection of thousands of websites and mobile apps, where your text, images and flash advertisements can be displayed to relevant target audiences. With advertisements in the Google Display Network you can reach about 85% of active Dutch Internet users as they collect relevant content about your subject.

Reach your targets through the Google Display Network

Display advertising is particularly suitable for the following marketing goals:

  • Branding
    The Display Network is very useful for campaigns with branding goals. Use the broad reach in combination with specific targeting to generate more brand awareness of your products, services or organization amongst the target audience.
  • Traffic
    Attract more relevant visitors to your website by showing attractive text, image and flash advertisements in the Display Network.
  • Conversion
    Besides generating direct and indirect conversions, the Display Network offers you the opportunity to make clear the number of view-through conversions. This is the number of visitors who within 30 days of seeing the Display advertisement, proceed to a conversion, without having clicked on the advertisement. With the Conversion Optimizer you can maximize the number of leads at a pre-set rate per lead.