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My Jewellery

My Jewellery has once started selling jewelry via Facebook. Today the jewelry label has grown into an online community. My Jewellery inspires hundreds of thousands of women (and men) with the latest trends in the field of jewelry, accessories and also clothing.

my jewellery


Expand Online has the honor to set up a social campaign, given the previous success and the great potential for My Jewellery on social media. The target? Achieve maximum return from all existing website visitors through dynamic retargeting, creative use of emojis and the use of relevance.

To be chased on Instagram or Facebook for weeks by ads in which you are not interested anyway? Horrible. Online marketing can be much better, we thought. We have set up the campaign in such a way that it is completely ‘relevant’. It should not be a secret that you as a marketer do smart to split up ad groups in search campaigns. This way you can show a most relevant advertisement with a specific keyword. On social media this best practice is never applied, at least not in the way the My Jewellery campaign is currently set up: with 132 campaigns, 256 advertising sets and 512 advertisements divided over 10 main categories. We have changed this.


Strategy and approach

Dynamic retargeting is the magic word for high relevancy of the advertisements.

A website visitor of will be shown on Facebook and / or Instagram the products they have viewed on the website. This is shown in a carousel. Of course, people who bought something will be excluded from the campaign for the next 20 days. Experience shows that the target group of My Jewellery regularly makes new purchases, so after 20 days a buyer may be interested in a new purchase.

In order to achieve maximum return, the campaign structure with 132 campaigns is somewhat complex. For example, the ad groups not only distinguish between product viewers and shopping cart visitors, but also how long ago the vitis was. In order to use the budget as efficiently as possible, the path length and delay of a purchase were taken into account. This information is extracted from Google Analytics. The placements have also been split up, for example placements in Facebook’s right-hand column vs. timeline. In this way, advertisements can be tailored and optimized for these specific characteristics.

How do we ensure that the target group is triggered with our ads?

My jewellery advertentie

  • The right tone of voice: One of the biggest success factors in this campaign has been adding emojis!

    The target group also likes to communicate with emoji, which is why we speak to them as much as possible in their language. The emoji are selected per message, product and atmosphere.

  • User generated content: The relatively young target group is well trained to filter out advertisements from the timeline and not to view them. A well-known best practice is to use user generated content instead of in stock content. These are photos taken by the target group and ‘blending’ much more in the timeline. We also use these types of images in the ads and perform well.
  • Responding to actuality: We also respond to certain holidays, situations and promotions. For example, for Valentine’s Day and Black Friday advertisements were used with a special promotion, such as no shipping costs, which increased the conversion.


The result of the campaign was so good that we were approached by a Facebook accountmanager to share our approach with other advertisers.

The campaign achieved the ‘maximum score‘ according to the Facebook charts. With every euro we invested, we generated a revenue of € 28.50. That’s a ROAS of 2850%! At the same time, the volume of the campaign was also considerable, with 17,000 clicks per month, we generated around 1.1 million impressions that have contributed to the branding strategy of a very satisfied My Jewellery.