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Miss Etam

The power of linking data & channels

With her history of 90 years, Miss Etam has built up a strong name in the Netherlands. Expand Online (part of Dept) helps the women’s fashion brand to reach the Dutch woman online. In the past six months, the main campaign goal for Miss Etam was to achieve a 10% increase in sales by using innovative (customer) data. The result? An increase of no less than 20%!

Miss Etam

Strategy and approach

Both offline and online, Miss Etam serves thousands of customers every day. Gaining insight into the purchasing behavior of the customers and the use of up-to-date customer data is essential for an optimal omnichannel experience. Via the following three ways Expand Online ensures that this insight is obtained and the customer data is used in online campaigns:

1. Increase offline impact with AdWords In-Store Visits

With an incredible amount of 92 stores across the Netherlands, Miss Etam has quite the offline presence. With help from In-Store Visits in AdWords, we can see how many offline store visits have taken place in response to the online search campaign. The insight that In-Store Visits give us into the campaign, combined with the average amount spent per store visitor, enabled us to successfully optimise the campaign. This ensures that with our online campaigns we can steer well on both online and offline sales growth.

2. Target groups are always up-to-date thanks to the ELI tool

With more than 1,000 orders per day, you can imagine that Miss Etam’s client database is massive and very prone to change. In AdWords and Facebook, we use this data in with mailing lists that we target for existing and new customers (with similar audience segments). We make a distinction between customers based on their purchasing behavior within the customer base of Miss Etam, which creates multiple target groups. Given the many fluctuations in the database, the daily updating of these target groups / mailing lists is very important, but a manual and therefore time-consuming process. That is why we use our in-house ELI tool (Email List Importer) for Miss Etam. This is a tool that retrieves the latest customer data from the Miss Etam database every day, anonymizes this data and uploads it to AdWords and Facebook using a SHA256 hash, so that we can use the data within our campaigns.

3. Products with the highest conversion likelihood take precedence with the use of scripts  

We developed our own script that keeps track of the individual product performance in real time  in Google Shopping. Low performance automatically results in the product’s elimination. We also added the ‘bestseller’ attribute to the product feed and roughly ten products are featured with this label per week. This information is used to ensure that these products are offered more frequently in the shopping campaign and to ensure that they are treated with extra priority compared to other products. The online and offline stock is naturally taken into account and sales items are excluded.

If we see in our data that a bestseller does not sell well in Google Shopping, then the product is automatically excluded from the campaign. The performance of every product within our shopping campaigns is analyzed and evaluated automatically every day. In the end, we only pay for products that the customers of Miss Etam actually want to buy.


That this omnichannel approach has the right effect is an understatement. With a sales increase of 20%, the target of 10% has been more than achieved. A huge improvement when looking at the turnover and volumes that Miss Etam runs on a daily basis. By means of the right approach, the smart use of data and innovative tools, we succeeded, together with Miss Etam, to significantly increase the overall profitability of the campaign. In this way we contribute in a very positive way to the growth of the entire fashion company.

Curious how this all works? Watch the video below: