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Marlies Dekkers

Lingerie designer marlies dekkers creates lingerie that exudes female empowerment and self-confidence. Expand Online and marlies dekkers have been working in partnership for almost four years. In that time the emphasis has shifted from offline to mainly online retail. This makes online visibility and ‘findability’ all the more important. SEO and SEA are also key. We act as an advisor and together we determine the strategy.



Making the website SEO friendly was, and remains, one of the main challenges. e-commerce platforms involve many complex decisions that affect the technology and SEO. Demandware is no different. To create a platform that is expertly configured in terms of technology, together with marlies dekkers and our technical partner, we made changes that resulted in major advances last year.

Gaining a foothold in the German market is an important next step. In the Netherlands marlies dekkers is a well-known brand, but the Germans have yet to really discover her lingerie. So, in Germany, the advertising is mainly about brand building: our online campaigns focus on display (bannering) rather than search. Considerable time and attention are devoted to exploring the market and identifying opportunities.

We also monitor the relationship between costs and revenues to find the optimal Cost Per Order.

“In Germany our campaigns focus primarily on brand building.”

Strategy and approach

All the work we do for marlies dekkers is designed to make the e-commerce environment a huge success. The online strategy stems from the brand strategy. This often includes advice on social media (especially Instagram and Facebook). Because marlies dekkers has such a strong visual element, we advertise on visually appealing social media channels. We also use programmatic buying: real-time bidding gives us a clearer insight into the target group and the cost of conversion.


In terms of SEO, in a year we managed to get 25 important keywords into the Google top 10. What’s more, these keywords include generic search terms with high search volumes, such as ‘bh’ (‘bra’) and ‘bh kopen’ (‘buy bra’).

The ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) through Google AdWords increased by 30% in the first quarter of 2016 in relation to the same period of the previous year. In addition to this, total revenues also increased by more than 40%. In other words, besides making more money per order (ROAS) in Q1, we also sold more. This resulted in a substantial increase in revenues.

More information

Curious and want to know more about the marlies dekkers case? Ask Tim! He is always excited to help.

Tim Woldhuis, Online marketing advisor
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