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Cooling down the planet with Justdiggit, Google and Expand Online (part of Dept)

During the week of the US elections, the keyword “climate change” was one of the most searched words in the Netherlands (source: Google Trends). Interest in (or the worry about?) the subject had not been this high in five years. And rightly so: our climate is changing, and this has a huge impact. So how can we reverse this process with a sustainable solution? Justdiggit has the answer: vegetation.

Expand Online (part of Dept) organised Justdiggit’s participation in the Google Grants Pro programme. As a result, we get global attention without having to pay, and Justdiggit is easy to find using the Google search engine in different languages.


Free advertising

Google offers a free advertising budget for charities: Google Grants. To be eligible for this grant, you must meet a number of conditions. With the help of Expand Online, Justdiggit created a Google Grants Pro account, which provides Justdiggit with a monthly budget of $40,000 that it can spend on adverts in the Google search engine.

Increasing brand awareness

Expand Online supports Justdiggit by helping them figure out the online strategy and providing free management for the AdWords campaign. The campaign aims to activate people (especially young people) and make them aware of the fact that there are actual solutions. Justdiggit opted for a global approach, involving purchasing keywords related to relevant themes. For example, when someone searches for “global warming”, “water scarcity” or “deforestation” it is likely that they will see a Justdiggit advert.


The campaign also responds to current affairs. During the climate summit, the “Juststopit” ad showed the number of seconds the talks had lasted so far without actually taking concrete action.

In addition to increasing brand awareness, the AdWords campaign also aims to encourage donations. Besides the Netherlands and Belgium, the campaign also focuses on South Africa, Australia/New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Ireland.


With almost a million ads being shown in Q4 2016, the campaign makes an essential contribution to Justdiggit’s brand name. Interest has been significant: with an average click-through ratio of more than 5%, over 53 thousand clicks went to the website Dozens of donations were generated, with an average value of 50 Euro per donation.

Wessel van Eerden, Justdiggit founder: “All those visits to Expand Online provide us with a lot of positive energy. We do not have the capacity to manage the campaign ourselves, so we are extremely happy with the partnership. The agency is a serious player on the market, which gives us extra credibility. It is great that we know for sure that the campaign is managed by the best people. We have even hung their motto on the wall: Hocus pocus, keep the focus!

About Justdiggit

Saying we just “dig holes” is a little too simplistic. Justdiggit implements large-scale ecosystem restoration projects with the ultimate goal of preventing global warming. It is a partner of the University of Wageningen, so they know exactly where their activities have the greatest chance of success. The local ownership of each project is encouraged through financial incentives. In combination with sustainable land management and Justdiggit’s coaching role, local residents gain more and more benefits from the recovered land, which makes it entirely self-sustaining. Read more on


More information

Any questions? Or do you want to know more about the Justdiggit case? Ask Boyd, he can tell you all about it.

Boyd van Dongen, Online marketing consultant
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