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University of Applied Sciences Leiden brings data to life

In the last year of high school you are faced with an important choice: choosing the right course to continue your education. There are open days everywhere, but how do you make sure you stand out as a university? The University of Applied Sciences in Leiden opted for an online marketing campaign. They reached out to budding talents with Google AdWords, remarketing, social advertising and email marketing.

The campaign yielded a lot of data, which we can use to adjust future marketing campaigns in real time. Using data properly is not easy, however. That is why Leiden decided to get together with us to collect all this data and translate it into a simple dashboard with the data visualisation tool Klipfolio.


The University of Applied Sciences in Leiden offers 28 different courses in total. All these courses have their own targets and media budgets. During the campaigns, the strategy is continually adjusted and fine-tuned. For this purpose we work closely together with the central marketing department and course managers. The focus lies on the main sign-up target of each course. This may seem like a simple KPI, but the data is distributed across multiple sources. Klipfolio allows us to merge the different sources in a custom-made dashboard.

Nick Hansen Wagensveld of Leiden University of Applied Sciences: “It used to be difficult to assess whether we were able to achieve our targets. Thanks to the dashboard, we now have an overview of the results at any time of day, so we can see in an instant which courses are under their target and need a campaign boost.”

Conversion data

The dashboard provides valuable insights into the conversion data. For example, it emerged that the majority of the students registers just before the open day, while the orientation process starts much earlier. Based on this insight, the decision was made to focus on awareness and branding at the start of the campaigns. Conversion will be targeted at a later stage.

Data-based adjustment is not just used for the campaigns for the open days, however. The dashboard also gives Leiden an insight into the attendance rate and time of attendance.

Nick Hansen Wagensveld: “We use the dashboard a lot during the actual Open Day, it provides us with real-time information about the visitors. So we know how many visitors, and thus potential students, are attending the Open Day. We have an overview of everything, including how busy it is at the university.”

Data-driven Marketing Strategy

The use of data visualisation was the first step in a Data-driven Marketing strategy. This is not the final stop, however. We are currently expanding the dashboard so it also can be used in the run-up to other informative events such as taster sessions. The new insights the dashboard provides us will also lead to new ambitions. Over the coming time we will be adding more sources of data to the dashboard. This will provide the marketers of the University of Applied Sciences Leiden with even more support for their marketing activities.

Nick Hansen Wagensveld: “Klipfolio helps us understand results and trends. One of the next steps will be to map out the entire Customer Journey of potential students. Furthermore, we will be investigating whether we can use Klipfolio to give us a better understanding of our email and SEO campaigns and to discover trends. We would also like to be able to compare open days to discover trends.”

More information

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Peter van Alphen, Head of Digital Media
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