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The name Cognizant Technology Solutions will not ring a bell for everyone. Yet, this Fortune-500 company has 255.800 employees, an annual revenue of $12 billion and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. They help large, listed companies optimise their business and technology so they are set for the future. We help them by identifying and reaching their target audience online and increasing their brand awareness.


Cognizant’s target audience is the C-suite within large multinationals: a small group of decision makers that is skillfully protected by gatekeepers. The challenge is to reach and influence the right people, in order to penetrate to the highest level. A process that sometimes can take up to two years. Cognizant invests a lot of time in knowledge transferal. They do this by using notable speakers and creating relevant content.

Approach and Strategy

Cognizant’s target audience consists of the 100 largest listed companies in the world. Everyone within these business that deals with IT knows Cognizant. To get in contact with these people, Cognizant organises brainstorm sessions and events with notable speakers. We support Cognizant by getting the relevant content to the decision makers. We cannot do this without LinkedIn. No other platform than LinkedIn offers as many possibilities to identify the target audience. We advise Cognizant in this and we ensure that their white papers, researches and future visions end up on the right people’s LinkedIn feed.
Cognizant has a large amount of content and just as many target audiences. Therefore, we are always testing which content will receive the most interaction. We utilise a matrix with campaigns for the different target audiences: Bids, Verticals and Horizontals. For Bids it is all about lead nurturing on the upper level management. Using pitches we target the different people in an organization. Verticals are the industries. We are featuring the interesting whitepapers with the purpose to achieve brand awareness and lead-generation. Horizontals are themes some companies are specialized in. We spread the content to many different industries at various job levels. With this interaction on LinkedIn and other sources we generate traffic to Cognizant’s website and can we identify what interests the target audience. Using remarketing to follow-up on these interests. Because we communicate the most relevant message to as many touch points as possible, Cognizant remains important and we can still influence decisions. With the more general information we try to achieve more brand awareness for Cognizant.


Looking at the search results, we can conclude that visibility and interaction has increased considerably. Cognizant’s brand awareness increased as well and we are now able to reach the right people much better. Each quarter we see better results than the previous quarter. The number of impressions in paid search results increased with 59% and the number of clicks increased with 144%. The costs per click decreased, which is a great result.
We’re also very proud of the YouTube results. The pre-rolls of Cognizant did very well. 9% of the visitors, the ad was shown to, watched the whole ad, which costs only € 0.07 per view.
On LinkedIn, we reached 3 million impressions in the first quarter of 2016. 4,682 people clicked, which are very valuable clicks and are definitely worth the €2.97 per click.
Most important, it all created very clear results. Big multinationals that got to know Cognizant through LinkedIn campaigns have now become customers of Cognizant.

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