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Would you like to spend your holidays on an island that has a LOT to offer? Well, you can. On Aruba. Aruba Tourism Authority hired Expand Online and Stroom to optimize their website visits and get as many tourists to the island as possible. The campaign was responsible for 60% of the total amount of website visitors, its traffic generated 94,6% more goals and micro moments and to top it all off, the number of flight bookings skyrocketed.

Aruba case


Aruba, ‘One happy island’, a synonym for ‘one-sided island’. A lot of people envision themselves relaxing on white sandy beaches, along with idyllic palm trees and expensive resorts when they think of Aruba. But Aruba has a lot more to offer than just that. For example, think of its luxuriant nature and the many ways in which you can explore it. Or the wide range of local art and architecture, or the locals with their diverse historical and cultural backgrounds. And last but not least: Aruba’s vibrant nightlife. Taking all of these factors into consideration, Aruba is everything but a one-sided island.

However, the amount of Dutch tourists visiting the island didn’t increase as much as expected. As a result, it became our task to better position Aruba under the right target group with a limited budget in a fiercely competitive market. As in, under Affluent Travelers; a wealthy group of tourists that are able to travel anywhere their heart desires. The challenge was therefore to inspire and stimulate these travelers to make Aruba their holiday destination of choice.

Strategy and approach

To inspire travelers with all the riches the island has to offer, we developed a 100% digital strategy together with Stroom that consisted of three components: Catch, Connect and Convert. The ultimate goal of this digital strategy was to increase both the qualitative traffic to the website of Aruba as well as the actual number of island visits.

  • Catch

The first step is about reaching the target group by applying highly targeted use of search engine marketing, display advertising, content and video. This is done based on previous research on geostyle and mentality profiles. Profiles that indicate what the chances are of someone booking a holiday to Aruba – based on previous search behavior, interests and the Dutch region they reside in. The target group is triggered to visit the website of Aruba by showing inspirational videos and using (influential) bloggers for example.

  • Connect

Once they land on the website of Aruba, visitors get inspired by the Aruban vibe. Website visitors are connected to Aruba by using data driven creatives: creative outlets (e.g. banners) that are based on visitors’ historical insights and previously shown interests. The data driven creatives lead directly to various sub pages with more information on Aruba. For example, think of someone who is interested in diving. What would be the best way to reach them? Exactly, with one or more creatives on watersports in Aruba. In addition: by using dashboard web profiler Mark & Mini, it’s also possible to monitor if the right target groups are visiting the website. That’s how we can know for sure if we’re showing the right creatives to the right visitors.

  • Convert

Based on the website visitors’ surfing behavior, creatives are used once more, but more specifically this time around. In this phase we introduce the visitors to several deals and tour operators that can make a holiday on Aruba possible. Visitors get the incentive to book immediately. Therefore, the last step is to stimulate a website visitor to actually become an island visitor.


We’re very pleased with the results. Site traffic in 2016 achieved 94,6% more goals and micro moments compared to 2015. An example of this lies in the increase of the amount of people that viewed the trips and prices thereof with the booking partners.

Additionally, the campaign was responsible for 60% of the total amount of website visitors. The quality of the website visits increased structurally as well. This wasn’t only evident from profiler Mark & Mini, but also from the rise in time spent on site and the decrease of the average bounce percentages. Moreover, the average online costs (in terms of CPC) were 60% cheaper than in previous years.

And lastly: based on the information obtained from tour operators, the amount of air traffic to Aruba increased significantly. The island got to welcome more visitors than ever because of this.