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There are more than 10 million customers in Netherlands who have insurance with Achmea or one of its Dutch brands. Achmea and Expand Online are working together to profile Achmea as one of the best employers. The campaign focuses on online recruitment and labour market communication. Not only does the campaign work on raising the visibility of Achmea as an employer, it is also providing a better insight into the quantity and quality of potential candidates.


Achmea is the largest insurer in the Netherlands. Finding and motivating new talent, especially within the more technical positions, is one of the most important priorities within the current strategy. On the one hand, Achmea was looking for advice on and the implementation of targeted online campaigns. On the other hand, different data systems (including Talent link) caused confusion regarding reporting and measurability at the time.

Strategy and approach

Over the past 6 years, a close collaboration has developed in various fields. Targeted banner, video, and social media campaigns are being used to support the current labour market communication campaign “Can we entrust our customers to you,” distinguishing between the different areas of finance, ICT, care, law, marketing and management. To appeal to young IT talents, targeted recruitment campaigns were set up using Display, LinkedIn, Google, Indeed and Gmail Sponsored Promotions. And finally, action campaigns were developed especially for SAP specialists to highlight the Business Course and Traineeships.
To be able to work on both quantity and quality, significant steps were taken where smart data is concerned. Together with Achmea ICT, the different data sources were combined into comprehensive reports. This considerably improved measurability and reporting within Achmea, and the impact of the campaigns is now visible in real-time, so they can be adjusted at lightning speed if necessary. Thanks to workshops and knowledge sharing on measurability (Google Analytics) and SEO, a large number of Achmea staff now have a better understanding of the data.


Despite having the same budget, the continuous SEA campaign has resulted in a 33% increase in traffic and a 100% increase in the number of applications. Thanks to the SEO campaign, organic traffic has increased by 156%. The campaigns that were aimed at specific target groups resulted in an increase in the visibility of Achmea as an employer. In addition, there is a better understanding of the quantity and quality of the candidates per media channel.

“One of the requirements that Achmea had for the online marketing agency was a thorough knowledge of working with recruitment campaigns. So the availability of a dedicated team of consultants that works on recruitment campaigns every day was one of the decisive reasons for choosing Expand Online.” Mitchell van Koert
Senior Labour Market Marketing Advisor

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Peter Veenvliet, Online marketing consultant
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