Migrating a hundred pages to one domain

Rituals is a must-have home & body cosmetics brand with an infinite ambition to grow. The goal of this campaign: to improve organic findability worldwide. There were some obstacles on the horizon: a separate website per country resulted in duplicate content, significant fragmentation in authority and a waste of crawl budget. Rituals joined forces with Expand Online on this case to take on one of the biggest and most complex SEO challenges ever. The result? A relocation of all the individual websites through extensive migration to one .com domain. With an increase in revenue as high as 186 percent before the winter season has even begun!

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My Jewellery

Emoji’s and dynamic retargeting

My Jewellery has grown into an inspiring online community in recent years. To Expand Online the honour to set up a campaign for My Jewellery on social media. The target? Achieve maximum return from all existing website visitors through dynamic retargeting, creative use of emojis and the use of relevance. Achieving the maximum return has certainly succeeded. According to Facebook, the campaign achieved the ‘maximum score’ with a ROAS of 2850%!

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Miss Etam

The power of linking data & channels

With a history of 90 years, Miss Etam has built up a strong name in the Netherlands. Expand Online (part of Dept) helps the women’s fashion brand to reach the Dutch woman online. In the past six months, the main campaign goal for Miss Etam was to achieve a 10% increase in sales by using innovative (customer) data. The result? An increase of no less than 20%!

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Connecting the dots

Dairy for everybody who is lactose intolerant. It’s up to Expand Online to give the Lactofree products of Arla more exposure. By delivering relevant content during micro moments of the lactose intolerant journey, we’ve provided the target group a service. The result? A gigantic increase of 48% (!) in searches for ‘Arla Lactofree’ since March.

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Catch, connect & convert

Would you like to spend your holidays on an island that has a LOT to offer? Well, you can. On Aruba. Aruba Tourism Authority hired Expand Online and Stroom to optimize their website visits and get as many tourists to the island as possible. The campaign was responsible for 60% of the total amount of website visitors, its traffic generated 94,6% more goals and micro moments and to top it all off, the number of flight bookings skyrocketed.

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Personalisation, data & machine learning

How to book the ideal vacation with only one single action? According to us, the secret lays in handling relevant adds combined with personal landing pages. Even if it’s a holiday in beautiful France, or an adventurous camping trip to Norway. A case about smart data, voice, search, and machine learning; with 31% revenue increase as a result.

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Erasmus University

Strategy, SEO & SEA

It began with a SEA collaboration with the RSM and ESAA 5 years ago. Three years later it turned into doing the total online marketing for the Erasmus University Rotterdam. This means that we work on SEO, web analytics projects and campaigns for several socials. We are also working on the Erasmus website and, alongside target group research, we carry out various A/B testing in order to improve campaigns and website behaviour.

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Non-profit SEA strategy

During the US elections, the keyword “climate change” was one of the most searched words in the Netherlands (source: Google Trends). And rightly so: climate change has a huge impact. Justdiggit came up with a sustainable solution for this problem: vegetation. Expand Online organised Justdiggit’s participation in the Google Grants Pro programme. As a result, we get global attention without having to pay, and Justdiggit is easy to find using the Google search engine in different languages.

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Hogeschool Leiden

Data & Dashboarding

In the last year of high school you are faced with an important choice: choosing the right course to continue your education. There are open days everywhere, but how do you make sure you stand out as a university? The University of Applied Sciences in Leiden opted for an online marketing campaign. They reached out to budding talents with Google AdWords, remarketing, social advertising and email marketing.

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marlies dekkers

Strategy, SEO & SEA

Expand Online and marlies dekkers have been working in partnership for almost four years. In that time the emphasis has shifted from offline to mainly online retail. This makes online visibility and ‘findability’ all the more important. SEO and SEA are also key. We act as an advisor and together we determine the strategy.

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Recruitment, SEO & SEA

There are more than 10 million customers in Netherlands who have insurance with Achmea or one of its Dutch brands. Achmea and Expand Online are working together to profile Achmea as one of the best employers. The campaign focuses on online recruitment and labour market communication. Not only does the campaign work on raising the visibility of Achmea as an employer, it is also providing a better insight into the quantity and quality of potential candidates.

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Brand awareness

Cognizant has 255.800 employees, an annual revenue of 12 billion dollar, and is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. We help them by identifying and reaching their target audience online and increasing their brand awareness.

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