ROI is not a guessing game

Most people don’t like being plagued for weeks on end by adverts that they can’t relate to. And that includes us. We know that digital marketing can be improved. Drastically.

At Expand, we examine the figures day in, day out. Screens full of figures. But where others see figures, we see people. People who are interested in your product or service. Or perhaps not. And by knowing exactly who these people are and what they need, our digital marketing bureau can tell your story in the appropriate manner, at the right location and at the right moment. If you do that, you won’t end up being the irritating salesman at the entrance to the supermarket. You will become the friend who tells you about a great offer on washing machines, because they know that yours broke down last week.

To make sure that every Euro works as hard as it can, we work with the best people and the best techniques. Who are these people? Put simply: super-smart digital marketers who spend their days thinking about data and their nights dreaming about it. They connect all the bits of information together, and see opportunities that nobody else sees. And to make this pay, they work with attribution models and smart targeting. Tomorrow’s techniques, that we put to great use today. For clients such as Achmea, TomTom, marlies dekkers, Rituals and Aruba. And soon, perhaps for you too.


Our experienced team of highly educated digital marketers strives for the best online results in everything they do. Every day we want to realise the maximum online return for our clients with a team of 80 Expanders.

Our people

A little history

Founded in 2008 by Willem, Robbert and Remy: three determined lads with a nose for innovation and a laptop. A golden combination, it would seem, as we now have around 80 Expanders on the earth and we are a proud member of Dept, an international network of leading digital agencies.