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A farewell letter to Exact Match

Dear Exact Match,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the time we spend together. You were awesome, worked like a charm and for me, you were the perfect fit. It’s true. The amount of control you offered me to precisely target my ads on the most relevant search queries I personally handpicked was unmatched.

I still remember the first time I witnessed your effectiveness. I just received my promotion to the level of junior online marketing consultant and was browsing one of the well-known search blogs, when I stumbled upon a strategy called “mirrored campaigns”. Mirrored campaigns are basically two identical campaigns of which one contains keywords that are set at the exact match option and the other at the modified broad match option. The blog said that by adding the exact match keywords as negatives to the modified broad match campaign, ads would always fire from the right campaign. I did just that and pretty soon after uploading you, exact match, almost cut my cost per acquisition in half. I was so damn proud. It felt like I reinvented the wheel while making a bonfire on the back of a mammoth.

Ok, I might have over exaggerated a little bit in that last sentence, but seriously Exact match. You only showed my ads when there was a perfect match between search query & keyword and I loved it. This year, however, our collaboration as we know it will end, because Google knows every search intention people have when we search on Google and is, therefore, superior in knowing when to show our ads. Google’s algorithms are simply way more capable than any advertiser or Agency in targeting ads. Just give Google some keywords and your ads will be shown to the right person, at the right time and at the right moment. It’s simply brilliant. And no Exact match, this does not make Google evil. Just take a look at their press release on the AdWords blog. Google just wants to “connect more people with what they are looking for”. They are helping their users and they are helping advertisers by making it easier to reach “more of your customers”. It is something I as an advertiser want, according to Google’s own extensive internal research. And if anyone is able to know this, it is most certainly Google.

So Exact match, all I would like to say to you now is: thank you! We had a blast in all the years we worked together and achieved outstanding results. The future will never be the same again, but it will be great. I hope. Exact match is dead, long live the new Exact Match.

With kind and loving regards,

Ferdi Scheers – Senior online marketing consultant at Expand Online

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Ferdi Scheers, Online marketing consultant
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